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The Titan Forge   Step by step guide to one of the Imperium's most fearsome weapons
Kerflon Campaign  

6 Planet Campaign between the old enemies Imperial Guard and Tyranids

Featuring BFG; ladder, tree and themed campaigns as well as battle reports to show how the respective armies performed




I should stress here that I am not a tactician, but have included these files for the sake of amusement and curiosity.  Tacticas I recommend are here

Tacticum Iyanden  

Tacticum Iyanden  NEW!

an essay on selecting, theming and playing an army from the doomed craftworld

Useless Dogs of War Tactica pdfs

1 - 2 - 3 - 4

  Beginning: a series of basic battle plans created with James, the King of Theory Hammer, who had to resort to the language of rugby football before I could understand.   Find out what blind and open side peels have to do with a couple of units of pikemen
The Magic of Gygax    A tribute to Gary Gygax  


   A collection of my old dice

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