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Avenger Class Battlecruiser

I've fancied one of these since they came out: and finally got around to spending that much on a figure for a game I hardly ever get to play, mainly because I love the idea of a space craft dating back to the time of the Emperor and the Primarchs, mothballed for much of the last 40,000 years, being brought back to fight chaos.

The wise admirals of yahoo's BFG forum advised me almost to a man not to take an Avenger Class Battlecruiser, and I considered taking their advice.  But sometimes you have to go for the model, not the most effective army, and this is part of the fun of bfg: it's less victory orientated. 

Unequal matches have been part of BFG since it came out.  Hell - you can even chose ships to disengage!  Imagine telling your Warhammer opponent that you were removing a unit from the battle.  'Sorry, they've lost too many men.  They're just going to lie down here and slip away quietly when no one is looking.'  Unlikely huh?!





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