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I had a bone singer I was planning to do something with, and cut him off his base and had a play around with him.  He;s a very unwarlike figure, but lots of robes I was really looking forward to painting, as a relief from all the armour plates of wraithguard and dire avengers.  I decided his feet gave him a vaguely floating feel, and if these guys can mind war and eldritch storm, why can't they emply a bit of telekinesis...?

I stuck a paper clip up his butt, and drilled a hole through the base. As this figure is going to be floating over a fairly level base, i wanted to make sure he was secure on his wire by bending the end, supergluing it to the underside of the base, and supergluing it, and then covering it up with greenstuff.





Stage one

cut him off his base and drill a hole in his under robes, and stick a piece of straightened paper clip in




Stage two

When you are happy with the height of the farseer, use pliers to bend the end of the paperclip, and drill a hole through the base.





Stage Three

Glue the end of the paperclip, and then when it is dry, cover with greenstuff, and then add bits of cut off tabs to balance the base.  This figure is pretty stable, but a little ballast will go a long way to keeping him stable during a game.






Stage Four

I cut off his right hand, and added Yriel's spear, having drilled and attatched it with a small length of paper clip. 

A small sausage of green stuff was added to fill in the gap.