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Iyanden: In the Twilight of the Great Devourer

I bought a load of the original elder back when Rogue Trader first came out Ė and Iíve always enjoyed painting the figures - but have never been much of an elder player.  In fact I donít think Iíve ever played with elder Ė in a manner of speaking - but I've killed a lot of them for sure. 

Of course there's an exception to every rule and ever since I came across the background for the Iyanden Iíve been hooked on the idea of a ghost army.  Must be the romantic in me: lured in by the tragic sadness of a doomed craftworld , living on in the twilight of the Tyranid invasion.  

I bought most of the wraithguard I needed way back when and theyíve sat waiting for me to find the time and the enthusiasm to paint up an army of yellow and blue with 20 or so identical figures.

 Real Lifeô has gotten in the way, till now. 




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