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The Kerflon Campaign

It's gaming night:  your regular gaming partner unpacks the same army, and you roll escalation - oh great, the same battle as last time, the same armies, and the same set of scenery.  For lots of us without a regular club, this is a problem many of us face.  For my brother and I it meant continually slogging it out between our respective armies: IG and Tyranids.  So, rather than keep fighting unconnected battless, we decided to put some structure to tour fighting and planned a campaign which followed the invasion of an Imperial System.

We sat down and worked out some ground rules to make the fighting more fun: each planet in the system had a distinctive character.  We brainstormed what kind of planet each was, what scenery we would need, and what kind of buildings there would be on each system.   We then took over responsibility for building scenery that would typify each planet while we took it in turns working out a campaign that would give us lots of new variations and challenges. 

The campaign on the first planet: Tyrrel, we kept deliberately small, as a test run for the rest of the campaign.  Tyrrel was also a small planet, little more than a rocky moon and monitoring station on the edge of the system.

As we progressed deeper in-system we decided each planet would involve a more complex campaign system; with Bruscar being designated as a hive planet, which would allow us to play some cityfight campaigns. 


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