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If you haven't played BFG yet, then you're missing out.  A great game, that hooked me as soon as I had rolled the dice. 

I've been collecting space ships for a while, and they've all got different paint jobs as I found my way.  I have a pretty good idea of what ships I want and how I want my fleet to look like and will be bringing the ships back to dry dock to re-fit them all. 

This fleet used to be part of the CDF (Crinan Defence Fleet) which I imagined as a fairly rag-taggle collection of rust-buckets sent to the periphery to keep pirates in check.  But since the Eye of Terror, where my troops were heavily involved in the Scarus Sector, I'm more interested in the Bastion Fleets, and will be remodelling them to fit in this theme. 

I'm doing it as a fleet that combines moth--balled and modern and up-to-date ships hurriedly assembled to fight back Abaddon's 13th Black Crusade.

EDIT: remodelling underway







Grand Cruisers

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