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Scorecard 4: Hong Kong 2007 40K GT


Quicklinks: Game 1 / Game 2 / Game 3 / Game 4 // Results


Hong Kong 40K GT

For any of you familiar with these pages or my blogs, you'll be aware that I was playing an Iyanden list with an army hugely hampered by the fact that the transports I have for them were not going to arrive in time for the GT.  And also that my real aim, not being much of a 40K player, was to win best army.

For pictures of the army in progress: here

For pictures of the finished army: here


1500 Pts - Eldar Roster - Iyanden Tournament List 1500 J Hill #17

1 Autarch @ 140 Pts Jetbike,  Mandiblaster (Mb);  Laser Lance (LL); Fusion Gun (Fg)

1 Farseer @ 128 Pts - Fortune ; Mind War ;  Spirit Stones; Singing Spear

10 Wraithguard @ 399 Pts; Spiritseer  Conceal, Singing Spear

7 Harlequin Troupe @ 184, shadowseer, all with kisses.

6 Howling Banshees @ 102 Pts; Exarch Executioner (Ex)

Troops: Dire Avengers (10#, 147 Pts)
10  Dire Avengers @ 147 Pts Exarch with Shimmershield

5 Pathfinders (Rangers) @ 120 Pts

1 Wraithlord @ 140 Pts; Wraithsword (Ws); Bright Lance (BL)

4 Dark Reapers @ 140 Pts

The night before, as I finished my army..


The venue was the same as the Fantasy GT and the tables were pretty much the same, but the event was only 1 day, with four matches, as opposed to the full two day fantasy GT.  Well what do you expect - this is Warhammer Lite! 

Game One

vs Evan with Chaos Space Marines

Evan had two defilers, a demon prince, two squads of marines with rhinos, some infiltrators and some demons.  Lots of nurgle marks through the whole army.  The scenario was Cleanse. 


I was quite pleased with this table, as it had a  great big hill to shield me as close to the enemy as possible.  I won all the rolls, chose table edge and got my wraithlord down in the middle.  Behind them were banshees and harlequins, with the dire avengers and autarch hiding with them, and the pathfinders bunkering down in some craters on the far left.

Evan set up in the opposite corner, with defilers, swarms, rhinos and his demon.  His infiltrators appeared among the tank traps on the middle right of the picture (with the other figures behind them actually being in the rhino/waiting to be summoned.)

Round 1

I lost the roll to go first, and Evan targeted my wraithguard with his indirect firing, missing them, but killing one banshee, the banshees staying calm and passing their pinning test.  My scouts were the target of the other defiler and I rolled pretty well on their saves (eight I think) and only one being removed.  Rolling so well early on in the day made me feel pretty confident for the rest of the game.

  In my turn I moved forward, my autarch moving to behind the scouts, attempting to pop a rhino and then assault some of the marines there.  But he failed to scratch the rhino.  My reapers targeted the infiltrating marines in the tank traps, killing one, and my banshees sped across the table to try and wipe them out.  the banshees failed horribly in combat, barely denting the T5 enemy, who struck back and killed one of them.

Round 2

Evan disembarked both squads from the rhinos and threw everything he had at my pathfinders, who had worried his greater demon in round 1.  The remaining 4 pathfinders made eight saves from a fusillade of bolter rounds, but two more died. 

In my turn I kept advancing, and tried to mind war the demon (and rolled 11) and then tried to fortune my wraithguard (and rolled a 12).  My farseer failed his invulnerable save, and was clawed off into the warp - instantly killed by the str6 wound.

Luckily a great shot from my wraithlord nailed one of the defilers, and while my banshees killed three of the marines, they were in turn wiped out, and the marines consolidated towards my dark reapers. 








Round Three

Without my farseer to guide the troops along the paths of fortune, the wraithguard started to take some wounds, and my dire avengers got ready to try and do some damage to the rhino marines, while the autarch knew when to flee and sped back to the safety of the harlequins. My wraithguard assaulted the swarms, and there was a short and vicious fight before the swarm was wiped out.

Evan summoned his demons in the crater where the last scouts were holding out against the demons, and re-embarked and moved to take out more of my army.  In my turn my autarch and wraithlord both took pot-shots at the rhinos, and both miss and fail to even shake the enemy.  The last of the scouts failed his ld test and fled.   

Round 4

Both rhinos sped towards my dire avengers and shredded them all in a terrible fusillade.  My wraithguard moved closer to the defiler and demon prince which had been targeting them with the ordinance as they approached.

With dark reapers, banshees, pathfinders, and dire avengers all dead, I thought this game was pretty much over and lost.  My wraith guard blew a handful of holes into the last defiler, the first of which incinerated it in a climactic explosion.  I gambled by sending my harlies down to tackle the two squads of marines hiding between their rhinos, while the autarch went to try and pop a rhino and reduce their mobility.

The harlies got 6 for their fleet roll which was enough to bring them into combat, and they wiped out an entire squad in the first round of combat.  The wraithlord tore holes through the nearest rhino, and the autarch assaulted the demons, killing one of the three remaining, and taking a wound in return.

Round 5

Evan responded by re-embarking his remaining unit and fleeing for safety, while his demon prince flew to attack my wraithguard.

He did terrible damage to the reanimated warriors, while in my turn my harlequins managed to catch up with the rhino and hit it with haywire grenades, one of which blew the rhino, and wounded four of the remaining marines, who were then entangled. 

Round Six

The demon prince finally crushed my warlock, while the wraithlord tried to shoot him down, and the autarch continued to struggle with the demons.  The game ended with my harlequins assaulting his remaining marines, and taking them down to a non-scoring unit, while my wraithlord moved to take control of a table quarter. 

I only had 394 points left on the table, but Evan had even less, and with the table quarter I had taken, this ended out as a minor win for me: 1602 vs 1106


Game 2: Table 7

My second game caused quite a chuckle as I was up against my Tuesday Club sparing partner, George Yow with his IG gunline.  My first game against George was back in the Fantasy GT, when he was playing Wood Elves, and we fought each other to an excellent draw.  I had faced George a couple of times in the intervening period, beating him twice (I think!) - but he had honed his list since, and also had a better idea of what an Iyanden list could do.  So there was plenty to fight for, but the guarantee of a fun game against an excellent opponent.

In fact after the first game most of the top tables had at least one of the Tuesday Club playing, which made me feel that at least my dismal run with this army was not entirely due to inept general ship. 

George's list was 2 basilisks. a couple of infantry platoons, a hvy weapon platoon with lascanons and a platoon with missile launchers, and then three units of vets with 2 plasma guns and a lascanon each.

The scenario was recon (?) - with all units reaching the enemy deployment zone getting double victory points.  With my previous record against George and the fact he would have to move his army across the table meant I was feeling quite confident going into this battle. My plan was to try and take on half his army, and I put the wraithlord and harlies in the middle to try and throw George as to which side I would deploy on.

Round 1

George got the first round, which proved to be a complete disaster for me, as his first basilisk shot hit my farseer on the head, and of course he failed his invulnerable save and was instantly blown into a bloody hail of wraithbone scraps.   I lost three harlequins to another basilisk shot, and three wraithguard.

On my round I moved all my forces on the left into the gap between the craters (which blocked LOS) and the left table edge.  I had bad fleet rolls, and my units remained very pressed together.  My snipers took out a couple of troopers from the nearest lascanon squad in the wood on front of them, and the autarch zipped over the crater trying to target the vets in the crater opposite him, but failing by half an inch.

I was feeling nervous as I prepared for the next round's shooting.

Round 2

A lascanon shot zapped the autarch out of the sky, but the rest of the shooting wasn't too awful, only losing a couple of banshees to a stray basilisk shot.

In my round my dark reapers and snipers passed their ld tests to target whoever they wanted, and they took out an entire command squad, leaving the las canon still shooting.  The dire avengers did slightly better, taking out a missile launcher squad sheltering near to the basilisk.

Round 3

On the far flank George's vets were speeding towards my deployment zone.  A basilisk shot killed two snipers and two dark reapers, but both units passed their pinning tests. The harlequins survived a lasgun fusillade, and in my round they charged into combat while the rest of my troops continued pushing forward.  The dire avengers and banshees failed much less well and were all but wiped out by concentrated fire from the IG lines.  The exarchs from each unit were all that were left, but they reached the lines of the IG and found relative safety in combat.  The harlies wiped out the IG around them, and consolidated towards the basilisk. 

Round 4

I was feeling fairly confident that my wraithguard would destroy the basilisk this round, as I still had 5 wraithguard alive, and four harlies mopping up the last IG on the left of the battlefield.

Unfortunately I lost a wraithguard to a lasgun shot, and then three more and the spiritseer to a point-blank basilisk shot. 

In my round I failed to hit the basilisk, and my harlies consolidated again into another combat. 

Round 5

The last two rounds were very tense, with the battle finely balanced between oblivion and victory for the forces of Iyanden.  My harlies mopped up the last of the IG troops on the left, and consolidated towards the IG in the centre.  My exarchs finally managed to wipe out the troops they were facing, and consolidated towards the woods where three troopers were hanging on in the woods. 

Round 6

My snipers made a break for cover while the harlequins were spotted by a long-sighted man in their ranks killing three of the four remaining.  The exarchs took out the troops in the woods, but the dire avenger exarch was hit and killed by another basilisk shot.

The game ended with 960 vs 1199, giving George a minor victory, which was an excellent result for the IG.

Game 3: Table 11

Oscar Tong had a serious Marine-killing eldar gunline, with a couple of wraithlords, three squads of guardians with star canons, an avatar to make the lot fearless, some dark reapers to add some more firepower and lots of farseers and warlocks to improve the lot.  To add a little mobility to the lot he had a pair of vypers. 

The game was to take objectives, and Oscar placed his two objectives on his side of the table, while mine were placed on the hill, by the lake.  Unluckily for Oscar, he then lost the roll for which table edge meaning my forces held two of the four objectives at the beginning of the game: one with the dark reapers and the other with the wraithlord. It gave me a bemused air as I thought all I had to do was hunker down and the game was mine.

Round 1

I got to go first and moved up my wraith-contingent behind the hill.  My snipers hit the opposing wraithlords but failed to wound.  My harlequins and autarchs moved up on the left to threaten Oscar's wing. 

In Oscar's turn his arm shuffled from left to right, and with no attacking units I was feeling very confident about this. My snipers had him worried, however, and all the snipers and two of the dark reapers were killed in the Guide-enhanced round of shooting.

Round 2

I moved my two remaining dark reapers back to take control of their objective and shelter from any shooting, while the rest of my army stayed behind cover, as I thought I could take out his mobile units and then force him to attack me to win the game, while my harlies chewed through his ranks.

Fortune goes to the brave however, and doesn't favour armies who shelter behind cover.   My autarch missed his shot at the vyper, and in an effort to blunt the only mobile shooting Oscar had my harlies assaulted it, and tore it into strips. 

In Oscar's round his avatar assaulted my autarch, and his guardians moved forward far enough to see my harlequins and I lost the lot of them, which proved to be a battle-losing event.

Round 3

The Autarch finally succumbed to the Avatar, while the rest of my army finally moved forward to start engaging the rest of the enemy.  The Dire Avengers moved into the wood to at least get a cover save against the star canon barrage coming their way.  The wraithlord and wraithguard, with farseer moved onto the hill with the banshees in close support.  My plan was to slog on forward and get into combat range and force the enemy from taking any of the objectives.

My dire avengers took out a handful of the front rank of guardians, but they passed their ld and their star canon was just as effective as before.  My wraithguard were just out of range of the wraithlords facing them and my wraithlord's bright lance failed to wound.

In Oscar's round he moved his wraithlords forward as one, which had me surprised, as I had figured he was just going to stand and shoot the entire game, and I found that while my wraithguard were just out of range, the banshees were in charge range and ended up being charged by two angry wraithlords.  The banshees fled and the wraithlords consolidated into my wraithguard. 

Round 4

With my wraithlord facing so much fire power, I backed him off the hill, thinking my wraithguard would be able to deal with the wraithlords.  However they were pretty stuck in combat, with str 5 being little use when the enemy is t8.  The combat was drawn with a couple of wounds apiece, and it was looking increasingly dire for my army.

Round 5

Seeing how bogged down my wraithguard had become I moved my wraithlord up into the combat.   In a desperate attempt to claim the table objectives on my side of the table, I brought the Dire Avengers out of the wood and set off on a sprint to get behind the hill.  They were let down by their fleet roll, and were caught in the open.

In the combat, my wraithlord caused two wounds on the wraithlord opposite him, and he finished him off on Oscar's combat, but Oscar brought up his vyper to contest the central objective above. 

Round 6

The combat between the remaining wraithlord and my wraithguard went on rather frustratingly, with the wraithlord being finished off, but too late to help me out.

I killed 375 points from Oscar's army, but he did a whopping 943 against mine, and when added to his objectives, then it ended up being a major victory for him.

I was very frustrated, and felt I had been overconfident - expecting my harlies to pull the game out of the bag as they had done in the first game.  Losing them in the early rounds was a major setback, and the fact my other troops had hesitated behind cover for a round, it meant when they finally went over the top then they were easily isolated and wiped out.  Letting the wraithlords charge my banshees was a pretty dumb mistake. 

I left feeling very irrigated with myself, losing a game I felt that I should have won.  But credit should also go to Oscar.  He fielded a list with a wealth of AP3 weapons, and when I threatened his line he responded well with counter attack units.

Game 4: Table 11

I was down the poorer end of the gaming hall, and was looking to finish my day with a good massacre under my belt to compensate for my rather humiliating wiping by Oscar's eldar in game 3.

I wasn't much encouraged when I saw I was facing a Tau army, my previous encounters with Tau mostly involving my IG, who suffer badly from all that 30'' photon dakka.  I'd also had a game with this Iyanden list, and also suffered badly, being wiped out in about 4 rounds, but after that I had realised my mistake: attacking a shooting army on a wide frontage. 

This game I was clear that I would push forward on a small frontage and try and get to grips with the enemy.

I was up against Jason Wolf, a young lad with a nice looking blue Tau army.  It was pretty much the same list he'd played last year, but he had had more luck the previous time round.  His army consisted of two mobs of kroot, an honour guard and ethereal, sniper drones, fire warriors, a hammerhead and a bunch of broadsides and drones.

I put my snipers in the lake, and my dark reapers and autarch on the far wing while the rest of my army massed in the middle.  I felt I had not used my autarch well so far in the game (he was a pretty late addition to my list - and I felt I hadn't gotten the hang of him yet) - and wanted to do better this time round. My plan was to save him up until it was safe for him to come out and help deal with the enemy.

Round 1

Jason got to go first, and the wraithguard suffered a hail of fire, withstanding most of it, taking only one casualty. The kroot moved from behind the wood to assault and the hammerhead killed another wraithguard.

In my round everything seemed to go well.  My wraithlord moved into the wood and glanced the hammerhead, getting a great weapon destroyed roll, which suddenly made my slog across no man's land seem so much less arduous. 

In my round my wraithguard zapped a couple of the kroot, and then assaulted, running them down and consolidating 5'' towards the ethereal's honour guard.

I was starting to get the feeling that this battle was going to go my way....

Round 2

Jason hurled everything he had at my wraithguard, but with conceal and fortune they were shrugging off a horrible amount of fire.  It was half way through this that Jason redirected his attention to my dire avengers, who broke and fled into cover behind the wood. 

In my round my wraithguard moved forward into range of the honour guard.  My farseer mind-warred the ethereal, and fried his brain, and then the rest of his unit assaulted the honour guard, broke them and then consolidated into the sniper drones. 

Round 3

The sniper drones lasted one turn of combat, and then my wraithguard kept moving along his line.  I decided to bring my wraithlord out of cover and charge his kroot, while my dark reapers kept peppering the broadside on the far table edge, intent on taking him out before the autarch moved from cover.

In my turn my wraithlord and banshees and harlequins all assaulted, and my wraithguard kept moving along the line.

Of course the kroot were unable to withstand the assaulting forces and they all consolidated on the far side of the wood, out of los of the remaining suits.

Round 4

Oscar moved his hammerhead over to try and destroy my close combat units with some short ranged firepower.  He rolled very badly and killed only two banshees, and with 7 wraithguard and a pair of singing spears the brave hammerhead crew were well into the afterlife by the end of my shooting phase.

My wraithlord took two wounds in this round from the suits and that finished him off, but at the same time in my round my dark reapers finally sent the far broadside into the afterlife. 

The game ended with my farseer mind-warring the Tau commander, the wraithguard wiping out his entourage, while a single broadside was left free, until my autarch broke cover and wiped him out in the last round.

My only loss was my wraithlord, (140 points) while Jason's entire army had been wiped out (I found out at the end that Jason was only playing with 1351 points of troops).  The game ended as a sound massacre to me. 


I had a very pleasant chat with other players, and got some snaps of the other games going on.

George facing another IG army, his basilisk about to go down to a lucky ratling shot!

Some random battling, with greenskins having a good day.

Top table, game 4, with Ah Ning's Iron warriors facing up against another chaos space marine army.

I spent some time getting shots of the army I had finished the night before:



I was delighted to finish 9th overall, with 43 battle points, with what was a much weaker list than I had wanted to take, and crowned the whole day off by winning Best Army. 

Another great event, well supported by GW's Chris Harbor, who had come over from the UK to support the event.  Thanks to all at Fun Atelier for another excellent event, and thanks to all the guys I played against for fun and relaxing games. 

For more pics of the army: here

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