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Marienburg Freeswords

These guys are currently being worked on and you can follow their updates in the Boot Camp




Balin Ironfoot's Dwarf Patrol


Best Army, Hong Kong GT 2008




Edmund FitzLacy: The Black Prince

An army I started for the Albion Campaign: still remember the first scenario as they disembarked and charged up from the ships.  Been through various guises, but trying to turn them into a Peasant Bretonnian Army.  Will work on a tactica at some point. 

Best Army 2008 Hong Kong GT



The Free Legion

Dogs of War: Numerous Best Army/Best Painted Awards




Sultan Marhaba's Araby Army

Baltimore 2001, 2nd Place Player's Choice; Dogs of War Collector's Guide; White Dwarf Feature; A few Rogue Trader Best Army Prizes





Army of Southern Talabecland

I always fancied writing a novel for the Black Library: and here it is.  Naturally I had to turn the characters into soldiers, so welcome to Sigmund Jorge and the Army of Southern Talabecland! - Currently being subsumed into the Marienburg Freeswords



Cimmerian Warband

Best Painted Warband, GW, 8th Street, NYC 2001


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